City of Vernon California

Water Division


 ***UPDATE May 14, 2020***

For customers that have been closed for a prolonged period of time, please review the Guidance Documents and Checklist below released by the EPA. The guidance document and checklist helps assist building owners and managers in addressing water stagnation following extended closures due to the COVID-19 response.



Governor of the State of California declares drought. Click here for water saving tips. Please do your part.

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The Water Department provides potable drinking water for the City at some of the lowest rates in the region, maintaining a system of wells, reservoirs and piping systems. The division oversees the administration and maintenance of this system and the construction of new water service.

The Water Department manages the City's state-of-the-art water system, serving more than 1,000 customers and distributing approximately 2.8 billion gallons of water annually. Known for its high-quality and safety, Vernon's water system was awarded the highest possible rating by the Insurance Service Organization, a leading analyst of government utilities. The system also offers some of the lowest water rates in the area.

The Vernon water distribution system has an average pressure of about 75 pounds per square inch, and consists of 243,624 linear feet of pipe, eight wells, six ground-level reservoirs, one elevated tank and a below-ground reservoir. The system has a total storage capacity of 16.7 million gallons. In addition to Vernon's water system, the City has a direct connection to the Metropolitan Water District, which provides a supplemental source and emergency supply of water.

The Water Department's staff is responsible for constructing new service and maintaining the various components of the system, including wells, reservoirs and pipelines. The division produces annual public reports on water rates and quality. It also oversees the Urban Water Management Plan, a document that guides the City's long-term water strategy and holds contingency plans for water shortages.

The Vernon Water Department provides service for the majority of the City. Small areas in the northeast and southeast of the city are served by California Water Service and Maywood Mutual No. 3, respectively.





Policy Governing for the Acceptance and Tabulation of Utility Rate Protests