City of Vernon California

Solar Energy & Net Metering Program


The City of Vernon Solar Energy and Net Metering Program is intended to encourage increased installation of residential and commercial solar energy systems.  

  1. The solar energy systems are intended primarily to offset part or all of the consumer’s own electricity demand. Installed system size must be less than or equal to the customer’s latest electricity demand.
  2. The maximum system size installed under this program is 1 Mega-watts.
  3. Only customers with valid and active City customer accounts may participate.
  4. All components in the solar energy system must be new and unused, and have not previously been placed in service in any other location or for any other application
  5. Solar/photovoltaic energy systems must meet the requirements of the City’s guidelines for interconnection of customer owned generators.
  6. Solar/photovoltaic energy systems that receive incentives must be installed with power production meters to monitor and measure the system’s performance and the quantity of electricity generated by the system.
  7. The solar energy system must be located on the same premises of the end-use consumer where the consumer’s own electricity demand is located.
  8. The solar energy system must be connected to the City’s electrical distribution system.
  9. The solar energy system must be installed in conformance with the manufacturer’s specifications and in compliance with all applicable electrical and building code standards.
  1. Customers electing to participate in the Program will be served pursuant to the terms and conditions of the City’s Net metering service schedule No. NM.
  2. Customers electing to participate in the program must submit a City Applications will be processed within 30 days.


City of Vernon Guidelines

Interconnection Agreement

Net Metering

Net Metering-Small

Net Metering-Large