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Customer Incentive  Program

             The Customer Incentive Program is designed to encourage energy efficient lighting systems and the exploration and implementation of energy efficient technologies.  Often, the latter technologies are overlooked because customers are either unfamiliar with them, think they are too costly to apply at their facilities, or do not believe such technologies can effectively meet their energy needs. These technologies may address either equipment or operational change, therefore, if the Department can quantify a demand reduction and/or energy savings, there is a basis for providing an incentive to assist the customer. This program provides incentives in two separate areas, lighting, and energy efficient equipment.


            The lighting incentive portion of the program is designed to provide a cash incentive to Vernon customers interested in implementing the latest lighting technology.  Developments in technology have produced new lamps and related equipment, including T-8 fluorescent lamps, electronic ballasts, and more affordable compact fluorescent lamps that use less energy and last longer.  The future promises continuing advancement in lighting technology.

  This program will provide rebates of $0.075 per kWh of reduced lighting energy usage.  The maximum incentive for lighting improvements by qualified customers is $75,000, or 50% of the lighting retrofit cost; whichever is less.   The maximum rebate per customer for all measures under this portion of this program will be the lesser of $75,000 or 50% of the investment (material and labor and taxes).

            The non-lighting incentive portion of this program can include, but is not limited to:  variable speed drives, air compressors, motors, refrigeration, chiller replacement, air conditioner replacement, and building envelope.  The Incentive Program also includes energy management systems and other load and energy controlling devices.

 Customers electing to participate only in the Customer Incentive Program must follow the procedures described in the incentive application procedures that follow:

    The customer contacts City of Vernon Public Utilities Dept;

·         The City Staff/Consultant will inspect the specific equipment before and after installation. Installation must be completed with a 90 day period. All lighting retrofit projects require an electrical permit. Contact electrical inspector for details.

·         The City Staff/Consultant will complete all pre-approval and project completion notices.  Customer initiated installations prior to Department acceptance of the pre-approval form may be rejected;

·         Upon project completion, city staff/consultant will prepare the energy efficiency incentive form and forward it to the Department for approval;

·         The Department will process the energy efficiency incentive application and issue an incentive check to the customer within 6 to 8 weeks after completion  of project .

  For Energy Efficiency Application please fill out the following forms:


Application for Compressors


City of Vernon offers Free Comprehensive Energy Audits to Vernon utility customers. The energy audit is a good starting point for customers interested in developing a broader energy management strategy.  Customers receive detailed analysis of their energy usage, followed by suggestions for improved energy efficient efforts, which can lead to to measurable energy and cost saving.  The energy audits are FREE  to all Vernon electric customers.  To sign up for a free audit or to learn more about funding for energy efficiency opportunities, please contact Anthony Serrano at 323.583.8811,ext 202.