City of Vernon California

City of Vernon Rules for Electric Service

City of Vernon Rules for Electric Service

Rule 1 Definitions

Rule 2 Description of Service

Rule 3 Application for Service

Rule 4 Contracts

Rule 5 Special Information Required on Forms 

Rule 6 Establishment and Reestablishment of Credit

Rule 7 Prepayments

Rule 8 Notices

Rule 9 Presentation and Payment of Bills

Rule 10 Disputed Bills

Rule 11 Discontinuance and Restoration of service

Rule 12 Rates and Optional Rates

Rule 13 Temporary Service

Rule 14 Shortage of Supply and Interruption of Delivery

Rule 15 Line Extensions

Rule 16 Service Connection and Facilities on Customer's Premises

Rule 17 Meter Tests and Adjustment of Bills for Meter Error

Rule 18 Supply to Separate Pemised and Use by Others