City of Vernon California

Frequently Asked Questions


Question: I applied for a Certificate of Occupany. Can I move in?

Answer: No. You must meet the minimum conditions with the Building Department and apply for a business license first. If you have moved in prior to receiving your Occupancy and Busines License, you may be subject to a penalty fee. Certificate of Occupancy is not the same as a Business License.


Question: If there is already a business with a business license and occupancy permit in the building that I plan on moving into, do I need to apply for an occupancy permit and a business license?

Answer: Yes.


Question: If I have a current license for the City of Vernon, and I plan to re-locate in the City of Vernon, can I operate with my current business license?

Answer: No. You will need to re-apply for an occupancy permit and a separate license.


Question: What application and fee are involved if I want to operate a business in the City of Vernon?

Answer: Depending on the activity of the business, your fees will be charged accordingly.


Question: We were bought out by another company, the same people still work here, the operation of the business still remains the same, we are still working in the same building, the only thing that has changed is ownership. Do we need a new license?

Answer: Yes. Each entity must file its own business license.


Question: We are restructuring the business, the only thing that is changing is the federal tax identification number. Do we need another license?

Answer: Anytime the federal tax identification number changes, a new license needs to be filled out as well as new fees.


Question: We are only going to be here a couple of months and we need a place for storage, do we need a license?

Answer: Yes


Question: I have only one company but I am going to do business in multiple locations in the City of Vernon, can I operate under one business license?

Answer: No. You are required a separate license for each location. Example, If you are doing business in 5 separate locations, you will need to obtain 5 separate licenses.