City of Vernon California

Vernon Health vaccinates 250 essential workers at Rose & Shore food processing plant

Press Release

March 17, 2021

Vernon, CA – Vernon Health Department staff today provided COVID-19 vaccinations to
250 essential food processing workers at Rose & Shore, Inc., a major Vernon-based
prepared food products producer using the city's new mobile health clinic at Rose &
Shore's 70,000 square foot facility on 5151 Alcoa Ave in Vernon. Rose & Shore is a
full line processor of specialty prepared food products serving supermarkets, schools,
restaurants, airlines and other major food service clients.

Vernon City Administrator Carlos R. Fandino, Jr. said, "Major businesses in Vernon are
pleased that Vernon Health now has the mobile health clinic capability to help protect
their essential employees against the potentially deadly coronavirus and mitigate the
virus's spread at their processing plants by administering COVID-19 vaccines to their
workers while they're on-the-job at their facilities."

"As state and county public health officials provide our health staff with vaccine dose
allocations, we will ramp-up our vaccination efforts to inoculate as many as 11,000
workers earning their living at a Vernon-based business as quickly as we can," Mr.
Fandino said.

Vernon Health has partnered with Stacy Medical Center to vaccinate as many as 11,000
Vernon-based workers performing essential jobs in high-density work environments such
as large-scale food processing, cold storage and food warehousing facilities. Vernon
Health's mobile health clinic is equipped with an ultra-low temperature freezer to properly
store FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines that must be stored within a temperature range
between -112°F and -76°F.

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