City of Vernon California

Safeguarding Vernon’s Business Environment

Vernon is one of four cities in the State of California with a health department.  Vernon's Health and Environmental Control Department regulates industrial operations conducted in the city.

Since Vernon maintains a municipal health authority, local businesses are able to deal directly with the city health department officials to address important environmental issues, which helps businesses streamline the monitoring and enforcement of health-related federal laws, and state, county and municipal ordinances, rules and regulations.

Vernon is focused on protecting the environment. Vernon has strict ordinances governing the operations of heavy manufacturers, food processors, garment manufacturers, and hazardous waste storage and disposal companies.

Vernon manages special programs to safeguard the public and protect the city's environment:

  • Accidental Release Prevention
  • Animal Control
  • Cross Connection Control Program (for drinking water)
  • Food Program
  • Garment Manufacturing Program
  • Hazardous Materials Monitoring
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Public/Employee Health Education
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Storm Water Control
  • Above Ground Storage Tank Inspection
  • Underground Storage Tank Inspection
  • Vector Control
  • Water Quality Program