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Maywood Fire - Fruitland Incident Advisory

Fire Chief Letter (Pdf:321K)

Vernon, CA – Vernon Fire Chief Michael Wilson has issued the following advisory to Vernon businesses and residents in proximity to the Fruitland Incident due to the wind-blown exposure to potentially harmful magnesium ash particulates as a result of yesterday's industrial structure fire in the City of Maywood.

Mandatory Evacuation

A mandatory evacuation order has been issued for the following four Vernon-based businesses:

General Mills
Southland Box Corporation
UniCold Corporation
Torgom Vintage Trading Co.


All Vernon-based businesses and any residents in the vicinity north of 49th Street between DowneyBoulevard and Everett Court are advised to Shelter-in-Place.

Shelter-in-Place safety procedures are defined as:

Stay indoors
Turn off air conditioning systems
Close windows and doors

In the event any person within the affected area experiences nausea, eye or lung irritation, please leave the area or help an affected person evacuate the area.

Vernon Fire Department to Host Free Hands-Only CPR Training During ‘Sidewalk CPR Day’ on Thursday, June 2

Press Release

Training to be held at Vernon Fire Station #1 at Fruitland and Downey, Fire Station # 2 at Santa Fe and Vernon, and Fire Station # 4 at Bandini and the 710 Freeway. Community residents and workers at Vernon's 1,800 businesses are urged to take five-minute training to learn how to save a life.

Vernon, CA – Members of the Vernon Fire Department will provide free hands-only CPR training for "Sidewalk CPR Day" on Thursday, June 2, from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm to increase the number of people trained to perform a tested life-saving procedure. Sidewalk CPR training will be available at three locations: Vernon Fire Station # 1 (3375 Fruitland Ave., Vernon 90058), Vernon Fire Station # 2 (4301 Santa Fe Ave., Vernon 90058), and Vernon Fire Station # 4, (4530 Bandini Blvd., Vernon 90058)

Over 70-sites across Los Angeles County will participate in this year's Sidewalk CPR Day. Last year, more than 10,000 people throughout Southern California learned how to save a person's life in just five minutes with a quick lesson from local firefighters and medical professionals.

Vernon Fire Department Captain Michael Busch said, "Sidewalk CPR is rapidly growing as a way to empower bystanders to step in to save someone's life when a person nearby suffers sudden cardiac arrest." "Only 32-percent of victims receive CPR from a bystander. Don't be a bystander in a cardiac emergency, be a lifesaver!" Captain Busch said.

"We are glad to team up with the Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Agency and American Heart Association to bring Sidewalk CPR to the Vernon community. 80 percent of all cardiac arrests occur at home. We need to help family members and friends learn how to double or triple a loved one's chance of survival by confidently using CPR techniques," Captain Busch said.

Learning hands-only CPR helps local emergency responders by focusing on the first few critical minutes following a cardiac arrest. Since a person's lungs and blood contain only enough oxygen to keep their vital organs healthy for a short amount of time, bystanders can become heroes by administering CPR until emergency responders arrive on scene.

Using hands-only CPR, ordinary residents – with each chest compression – can easily provide the ongoing blood flow a heart attack victim needs to help a patient gain a much better chance of survival once paramedic responders arrive.

Once trained in Sidewalk CPR, residents are encouraged to download the "Pulse Point App" for iOS and Android phones to receive notifications that someone nearby is in need of CPR. To learn more, visit Pulse Point Foundation at

For more information about this upcoming training, contact Captain Michael Busch at (323) 583-8811, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . On Twitter, go to #sidewalkcprLA.

Vernon City Council members appoint Isaac Garibay to serve as city’s human resources director

Press Release

Vernon, CA – Members of the Vernon City Council have appointed Isaac Garibay to serve as director the city's Human Resources department. Mr. Garibay assumed his new position today. He previously served for nearly four-years as head of the City of Temecula's Department of Human Resources.

Mr. Garibay has 16-years of private and public sector experience in human resources management, labor relations, employee benefits, employee recruitment, risk management, employee classification and compensation, and personnel policies.

Before serving as Temecula's human resources director, Mr. Garibay worked for nearly a decade with the City of Chino where he rose to the position of human resources analyst. He began his professional career in human resources at the Montgomery Wards Distribution Center in June 2000. He accepted the position of human resources associate with West Covina-based East Valley Community Health Center in 2001.

Mr. Garibay earned his master's degree in Public Administration from California State University, Dominguez Hills, and earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis on Management and Human Resources from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Mr. Garibay is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management. He succeeds Teresa McAllister, who retired as Vernon's human resources director in October 2015.

Honorable William ‘Bill’ Davis elected Mayor of Vernon

Press Release

Vernon, CA – Honorable William "Bill" Davis, Vernon mayor pro tem for the past three years, was elected mayor of the City of Vernon today by a 4-to-1 vote of the five-member Vernon City Council. He previously served as mayor from October 2012 to April 2013.

Mayor Davis said, "I am honored my fellow council members have, once again, placed their faith in me to serve as our city's mayor. I was very proud to serve our city as mayor pro tem. I continue to greatly appreciate the role and responsibility of leadership on behalf of Vernon's residents and business community."

Honorable Yvette Woodruff-Perez, Vernon city council member, was elected by a unanimous vote of the five-member city council to succeed Mayor Davis as mayor pro tempore.

Leticia Lopez sworn in as Vernon City Council Member

Press Release

Vernon, CA – Leticia Lopez took her oath of office today to become an elected member of the Vernon City Council following the city council's certification of April 12 municipal election results of her write-in campaign election victory over incumbent Councilmember W. Michael McCormick, who served as Vernon's mayor for the past three-years.

Following her oath of office, Councilmember Lopez briefly addressed members of the public attending today's city council meeting, saying, "I am privileged to be standing here before you as the newest City of Vernon council member. I look forward to serving the City of Vernon with integrity by being proactive and thinking critically in order to make decisions for the city."

"My vision is to create community between businesses and residents to keep Vernon moving forward and continue to prosper. My work as a family advocate has provided me with knowledge and experience in working within my community, which will assist me greatly in my newly elected position. I greatly look forward to working with each and every one of my fellow council members in order to keep the City of Vernon on its path to continued success," Councilmember Lopez added.

Councilmember Lopez is the fourth Latina to win election to the Vernon city council since June 2012. She serves a five-year term in office.

Leticia Lopez elected to Vernon City Council in final unofficial April 12 election vote count

Press Release

Vernon, CA – Leticia Lopez has been elected to a five-year term on the Vernon City Council in the final unofficial vote count in the city's April 12 election.

Councilmember-elect Lopez, a write-in-candidate, won over incumbent Councilmember W. Michael McCormick, who won election to the five-member city council 42-years ago and served as Vernon's mayor since April 2013.

The final unofficial municipal election results showed Councilmember-elect Lopez winning with 21-votes to Mayor McCormick's 14-votes. David J. Ybarra, a second write-in candidate, received one vote.

Vernon City Clerk Maria Ayala and her four-member election canvassing board tallied vote-by-mail results from 36-ballots. The clerk's office received 37 vote-by-mail ballots from Vernon's 72 registered voters, representing a voter turnout greater than 50%. One registered voter's ballot was disallowed for lack of a voter signature.

The final election results of the April 12 Vernon Municipal Election will be certified by a vote of city council members attending tomorrow's (Tuesday, April 19) regularly scheduled session in City Council Chambers.

Councilmember-elect Lopez is scheduled to be administered her oath of office and to assume her seat on the city council following the April 12 election results certification.

For more City of Vernon election information, go to:

Write-in candidate Leticia Lopez leads incumbent Council Member W. Michael McCormick for seat on Vernon City Council after preliminary unofficial vote count of mail-in ballots

Press Release (PDF: 100KB)

Vernon, CA – Vernon voters yesterday gave Leticia Lopez, a write-in candidate, a slim two-vote lead over incumbent Councilmember W. Michael McCormick for a five-year term on the Vernon City Council based on the preliminary unofficial vote count in the city's vote-by-mail contested election. Councilmember McCormick has served as Vernon's mayor since an April 2013 vote by the five-member city council.

The preliminary unofficial municipal election vote count has Ms. Lopez leading 15-votes to Mayor McCormick's 13-votes. David J. Ybarra, a second write-in candidate, received one vote.

Vernon City Clerk Maria Ayala and her four-member election canvassing board tallied vote results from 29-ballots. The clerk's office received 33 vote-by-mail ballots from Vernon's 72 registered voters. One voter's ballot was disallowed for lack of a voter signature. Three vote-by-mail ballots remain to be canvassed based on the clerk's need to verify voter signatures on those ballots.

The clerk's office will conduct a final unofficial ballot canvass on Monday, April 18 at 1:00 p.m. The final canvass will determine the final unofficial vote count from the three uncanvassed ballots that were received, but not counted plus any remaining ballots that are received no later than Friday, April 15 that were postmarked on or before April 12.

For more City of Vernon election information, go to:

Carlos R. Fandino appointed Vernon City Administrator

Press Release (PDF: 110KB)

Vernon, CA – Members of the Vernon City Council today appointed Carlos R. Fandino to serve as Vernon city administrator. Since September 2010, Mr. Fandino had served as director of Vernon Gas & Electric, a municipal-owned utility serving the city's nearly 2,000 industrial business and residential customers.

On his appointment, Mr. Fandino said, "I'm honored and gratified to have been chosen by members of the Vernon City Council to lead our city through its next exciting phase: a period of sustained business growth strengthened by our city's good governance practices and improved relations with its surrounding communities."

"Vernon is one of the most important industrial engines in L.A. County for business, economic and job development. We intend to build on more than a century of municipal success. My experience in managing complex financial transactions, bond financing, department budgets, and understanding Vernon's infrastructure needs has prepared me to hit the ground running as Vernon city administrator," Mr. Fandino said.

During his tenure as director of Vernon Gas & Electric (formerly known as Vernon Light & Power), Mr. Fandino has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA) and an executive committee member of the Western Systems Power Pool (WSPP). Prior to his appointment as director of Gas & Electric, Mr. Fandino served as systems operator for the city's utility department.

During his 27-year career with Vernon Gas & Electric, Mr. Fandino held senior management positions in the utility department, serving as transmission and distribution manager, electric dispatcher, resource scheduler, and engineering and operations project manager.

Mr. Fandino was part of the original team that reestablished Vernon's municipal-owned electrical system after city leaders successfully negotiated a settlement with Southern California Edison (SCE) to reinstate its power system operating rights.  In 2001, he was a member of the team charged with constructing Malburg Generation Station (MGS), the city's 134-megawatt natural gas power plant that was later sold to a private entity.

Mr. Fandino is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and decorated reservist. He served with the 2nd Marine Division Light Armored Vehicle Battalion in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm during the Persian Gulf War in 1990.

Mr. Fandino graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor's degree in Business & Management from Woodbury University. He is married and the father to three college-age young adults.

John Van de Kamp submits final report as Vernon Independent Reform Monitor, says ‘Vernon’s good governance is still strong.’

Press Release (PDF: 103KB)

Vernon, CA – Vernon Independent Reform Monitor John Van de Kamp has issued his 10th and final biannual report on the city's good governance policies and practices that commenced in February 2011 when he assumed an initial one-year role as the city's independent ethics advisor

In Mr. Van de Kamp's 41-page January 2016 report, he concluded, "Former [California Assembly] Speaker [John] Perez believed Vernon, because of its small electorate, is unable to govern itself properly. The city must continue to prove him wrong and live up to the expectations of [California Senate President Pro Tem] Kevin De León and others who gave Vernon a 'second chance.' Hiring a new city administrator [who is] committed to ethical and good governance practices is key to meeting the expectations of the 'second chance' Vernon was granted."

In the preface to his report, Mr. Van de Kamp wrote, "The city has shown consistent support for the essential reform measures recommended by Senator De León and me. In sum it can be said that Vernon's good governance is still strong. With the forthcoming change of leadership and replacement of key executives, extra effort needs to be exercised to make sure the progress made in the past four years continues."

In addition to chronicling Vernon's good governance reform progress since 2012, Mr. Van de Kamp has provided his independent critique on matters related to Vernon's finance and budget, internal and external audits, housing, city elections, and business activity.

Interim City Administrator A.J. Wilson said, "John Van de Kamp played an indispensable role as Vernon's independent reform monitor. When he began his work, Vernon was on the brink of dissolution due to the Legislature's menacing disincorporation measure. Mr. Van de Kamp's involvement with the city showed that Vernon was serious about carrying out reforms. In the past five-years, more than 150 good governance reforms have been implemented in response to Mr. Van de Kamp's recommendations. We owe Mr. Van de Kamp our sincerest gratitude and appreciation for his stellar work and thorough commitment as Vernon's independent reform monitor."

To view the full text of Mr. Van de Kamp's January 2016 Independent Reform Monitor report, click here.


Vernon City Council members appoint Derek Wieske to serve as city’s public works director

Press Release (PDF: 28k)

Vernon, CA – Members of the Vernon City Council today announced the appointment
of Derek Wieske to direct the city's Public Works, Water and Development Services
department. He currently serves as assistant city engineer for the Long Beach Public
Works Department. Mr. Wieske will assume his new position on February 22.

Mr. Wieske is a registered civil engineer with more than 25-years of professional
experience and management expertise in municipal capital projects, private
development review and city infrastructure improvements, such as roads, bridges and
drainage systems, as well as street maintenance, solid waste management, traffic
signal improvements and bike infrastructure.

Mr. Wieske will oversee four departmental divisions: Building, Planning, Public Works
and Water. Vernon's public works department offers a streamlined, 'one-stop' approach
to permitting new development. Developers may process permits and receive project
specific information on building and zoning codes, public rights-of-way and water
services at the public works department's City Hall counter.

Over the course of his professional career, Mr. Wieske has served as public works
director for the cities of Rancho Santa Margarita and Los Alamitos, deputy public works
director for Rialto, assistant city engineer for Laguna Beach, civil engineering associate
for Lake Forest and civil engineer for Orange.

Mr. Wieske has earned a master's degree in Business Administration and master's
degree in Science (Civil Engineering) from California State University, Long Beach. He
earned his bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from University of California, Irvine.
He succeeds Samuel Kevin Wilson, Vernon's recently retired public works director.

A.J. Wilson appointed Interim Vernon City Administrator

January 7, 2016

Press Release (PDF: 142KB)

Vernon, CA – Members of the Vernon City Council announced today the appointment of A.J. Wilson to serve as the city's interim city administrator during the city's ongoing
executive search for a permanent city administrator.

Mr. Wilson is a public administration consultant with more than 40-years of public management experience. He most recently served as executive director of the San Bernardino International Airport Authority and Inland Valley Development Agency. He has served as a senior advisor to city managers in San Bernardino and Riverside.

Mr. Wilson was former deputy mayor in St. Louis, Missouri and city manager in the cities of Pomona, Santa Ana, Kansas City, Portland (Maine), and interim city manager in Norco. Mr. Wilson is president of Wilson Communications, LLC, a management services consulting firm.

In September 2015, Vernon council members engaged Bob Murray & Associates, an executive search firm, to recruit qualified candidates for city administrator. Council members are expected to interview prospective candidates in the coming weeks.

Former Vernon City Administrator Mark C. Whitworth retired on December 28, 2015 after more than 26-years of public service as a Vernon firefighter, fire captain, battalion chief, fire chief and city administrator. City leaders thanked Mr. Whitworth for his years of service and wished him well in his retirement and future endeavors.


City of Vernon Declares the Week of October 18 - October 24, 2015 as Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week

October 13, 2015

Press Release

WHEREAS, the California Healthy Workplace Advocates and the Workplace Bullying Institute, raise awareness of the impacts of, and solutions for, workplace bullying in the U.S.; and

WHEREAS, the City of Vernon has an interest in promoting the social and economic well-being of its residents, businesses, and employees; and

WHEREAS, that well-being depends upon the existence of healthy and productive employees working in safe and abuse-free work environments; and

WHEREAS, research has documented the stress-related health consequences for individuals caused by exposure to abusive work environments; and

WHEREAS, abusive work environments are costly for employers, with consequences including reduced productivity, absenteeism, turnover, and injuries; and

WHEREAS, protection from abusive work environments should apply to every worker, and not be limited to legally protected class status based only on race, color, gender, national origin, age, or disability; and

WHEREAS, the City of Vernon wishes to invite all residents and businesses within the City of Vernon to support the California Healthy Workplace Advocates and the Workplace Bullying Institute for its efforts to promote safe and abuse-free work environments.


California Competes Tax Credit Application

June 29, 2015

Notice: California Competes Tax Credit Application Periods for Fiscal Year 2015-2016

Application Periods: For fiscal year 2015-16, applications for the California Competes Tax Credit will be accepted online at during the following periods:

1. January 4, 2016, through January 25, 2016 ($75 million available)
2. March 7, 2016, through March 28, 2016 ($50.9 million plus any remaining unallocatedamounts from the previous application periods)

GO-BIZ Workshop Application Presentation (PDF: 18MB)

Committee Meetings: The California Competes Tax Credit Committee meetings will be held on the following dates:

1.November 10, 2015
2.April 14, 2016
3.June 16, 2016
Times and locations to be determined.


Apply at: 

Contact California Competes Tax Credit Staff:
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Phone: (916) 322-4051

Free Used Oil Recycling Program for Owner/Operator Truckers

Event Flyer (PDF: 504KB)

Local truckers can recycle up to 20 gallons of used oil for free

The City of Vernon will be holding a used oil recycling collection event on Saturday,
September 5th, 2015 from 9:00am to 1:00pm at Vernon Fire Station #3, 2800 S. Soto St.
Owner/operator truckers who live and/or work in Vernon and the surrounding cities are
encouraged to bring their used motor oil and filters to recycle for free. Truckers are
limited to 20 gallons maximum for this event. Oil must be transported in a clean, nonbreakable
container; contaminated oil will not be accepted.

"Used motor oil and filters are highly recyclable," says Kevin Sales, Vernon's Used Oil
Recycling Program coordinator. "The City wants to make used motor oil and filter
recycling as easy for owner/operator truckers as possible. There have not been any used
oil recycling programs of this kind specifically focused on truck drivers. Recycling used
oil reduces pollution and illegal dumping in the City of Vernon. These collection events
will also provide a free, convenient service for truckers who may not have other places to
dispose of their used oil."

The City of Vernon encourages local truck drivers to participate in the event and to
recycle their used motor oil and filters. Supplementary educational materials will be
available as well as additional promotional items for eligible participants.

Other used oil collection centers can be located by calling 888-CLEAN-LA, or visiting Further information regarding the Truckers Recycle program can
be obtained by visiting, calling 1-844-3-TRUCKER (1-844-
387-8253) or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

For more information or to schedule an interview, please call Kevin Sales at 562-944-
4766 or e-mail Kevin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Yvette Woodruff-Perez sworn in as Vernon City Council member

April 22, 2015

Press Release (PDF: 152KB)

Vernon, CA – Yvette Woodruff-Perez took her oath of office today as an elected
member of the Vernon City Council. Her election creates a first-ever female majority
and first-ever Latina majority on the five-member Vernon city council in the city's 109-
year history.

In brief remarks following her oath of office, Council Member Woodruff-Perez said, "I'm
truly humbled by this opportunity to serve as your new council member. My training as
a student nurse has taught me to think critically and make informed decisions for the
benefit of my patients. I will be applying those same principals to make good policy
decisions for our city. Since 2011, Vernon has become a better city. If we stay on our
present path, I believe our city will continue to grow and prosper in such a way that no
[future] disincorporation attempt would ever succeed."

"The City of Vernon should continue to strive for a business friendly, desirable
community atmosphere. Our most important resources are our resilient residents,
talented business owners, skilled industrial workers, city employees, and highly trained
public safety personnel," Councilmember Woodruff-Perez said.

Council Member Woodruff-Perez joins Council Members Luz Martinez and Melissa
Ybarra on the Vernon city council. In a 3-to-2 vote of the council today, Mayor W.
Michael McCormick was chosen to retain his current position as mayor. Mayor Pro Tem
William 'Bill' Davis was chosen by unanimous vote to retain his present position as
mayor pro tempore.

For more City of Vernon election information, go to:

Vernon voters elect Yvette Woodruff-Perez to Vernon City Council

April 22, 2015

Press Release (PDF: 148KB)

Vernon, CA – Vernon voters elected candidate Yvette Woodruff-Perez to the Vernon

City Council in the Tuesday, April 14 municipal election. Based on the final official vote
count, Councilmember Woodruff-Perez defeated candidate Dennis E. Roberts.

Ms. Woodruff-Perez's election establishes a first-ever female majority on the fivemember
Vernon city council in the city's 109-year history. Additionally, Ms. Woodruff-
Perez's election establishes a first-ever Latina majority on the Vernon city council.

Ms. Woodruff-Perez received 21-votes. Mr. Roberts received 13-votes. 35-ballots were
canvassed by the city clerk's six-member municipal election canvassing board. A total
of 36-ballots were received from the city's 63 registered voters.

Two ballot measures were approved in the April 14 election. Measure O was passed by
a vote of YES: 29-votes, NO: 4-votes. Measure P was passed by a vote of YES: 27-
votes, NO: 6-votes.

For more City of Vernon election information, go to:

Statement on Exide Technologies battery recycling plant closure agreement

March 12, 2015

Press Release (PDF: 148KB)

Vernon, CA – Vernon City Administrator Mark Whitworth today issued the following statement regarding the agreement reached with the U.S. Attorney by Exide Technologies, Inc. to close the company's battery recycling plant in Vernon.

"The City of Vernon intends to closely monitor the environmental cleanup of the Exide Technologies battery recycling plant, now that the company has reached an agreement with the U.S. Attorney to close the facility permanently.

"For the past two-years, Vernon city staff with our Public Works, Fire and Health & Environmental Control departments have been working with Exide plant operators to expedite the safe cleanup of lead dust originating at the facility from nearby Vernon business properties and thoroughfares. We have had a multi-department Exide Working Group monitoring all aspects of Exide's plant operation and its impacts since the South Coast Air Quality Management District's study on arsenic emission was made public in April 2013.

"In November 2013, members of the Vernon City Council unanimously approved a resolution in support of the AQMD's Rule 1420.1, the agency's tough air emissions standards for lead acid battery recycling facilities in the South Coast Air Basin. Vernon was the only city to do so.

"As Exide commences will full closure of its plant operations and site cleanup, our city's staff will work cooperatively and collaboratively with federal, state and regional health, environmental and air quality agency staff to ensure the Exide plant closure process causes no harm to Vernon residents or business employees or residents and workers in our surrounding communities."

Melissa Ybarra sworn in as Vernon City Councilmember, succeeds her late father, grandfather and great uncle as an elected official in Vernon

March 3, 2015

Press Release (PDF: 147KB)

Vernon, CA – Melissa Ybarra took her oath of office today as an elected member of the Vernon City Council, becoming the fourth member of the immediate and extended Ybarra family to serve in elected office in the City of Vernon since the 1930s.

Following her oath of office, Councilmember Ybarra said, in a brief address to the public attending today's city council meeting, "I am honored to be able to be a part of this council and I look forward to working with the city and the business community to keep Vernon growing strong and transparent. I plan on making a difference in the community that I have grown up in."

"For the businesses, advocating good governance when executing the approved budgets, studying the facts and being active in understanding the impacts to the businesses when decisions are made by the council are among my top priorities. I plan on embracing some of the characteristics that my father, Michael Ybarra, had. I plan on serving this seat with honesty and integrity. I plan on questioning all that I do not understand," Councilmember Ybarra said.

Councilmember Ybarra is the daughter of the Honorable Michael A. Ybarra, a former Vernon City Councilmember who died in office in September 2014. She ran unopposed in the city's February 17 special election, receiving 25-votes out of 25-ballots cast by Vernon's 63 registered voters. Councilmember Ybarra serves the remainder of her late father's unexpired term. She will face re-election in April 2017.

Councilmember Ybarra is the granddaughter of Vernon Mayor Pro Tempore Thomas A. Ybarra who served on the city council for 43-years and great niece of former Vernon Councilmember Esteban Peralta who served on the council for 15-years in the 1930s.

For more City of Vernon election information, go to:

Vernon voters elect Melissa Ybarra to succeed her late father on the Vernon City Council

February 17, 2015

Press Release (PDF: 146KB)

Vernon, CA – Vernon voters have elected candidate Melissa Ybarra to the Vernon City Council in today's special municipal election semi-official vote count. Councilmember-elect Ybarra was unopposed in today's special election. No write-in candidates had qualified for the election.

Ms. Ybarra received 24-votes out of 24-ballots canvassed. A total of 25-ballots were received from the city's 63 registered voters by the time polls closed at 8:00 p.m. One ballot was not canvassed pending signature verification for the voter's ballot. A second ballot canvass will be conducted to tally the vote on any remaining ballots – postmarked today – that may be received within three days of today's special election.

Councilmember-elect Ybarra is the daughter of the Honorable Michael A. Ybarra, a former Vernon City Councilmember who unexpectedly died while in office in September 2014.

Pending verification by Vernon City Clerk Maria Ayala and certification of the total vote count by the Vernon City Council, Councilmember-elect Ybarra will serve the remainder of her late father's unexpired term. She will face reelection in April 2017.

For more City of Vernon election information, go to: