City of Vernon California

City Attorney

The Office of the City Attorney represents the City of Vernon and works to arrive at innovative solutions which effectively address the unique issues affecting residents and businesses in the City, and ensure that the public interest is well-served in all areas.  Virtually every program and service offered by the City depends upon support from this Office in its establishment, development and operation.

The City Attorney's role is to provide the City Council and City Administrator with the legal advice and legal documents necessary to ensure that policy objectives are achieved in a manner consistent with best practices and applicable law, and in furtherance of the City's commitment to transparency and good governance.

The City Attorney functions as the legal advisor and legal counsel for the City Council, City boards and commissions, City Administrator and City departments, and represents the City in litigation, whether directly or through outside counsel. The City Attorney provides legal advice regarding compliance with the law, including the Brown Act and Political Reform Act; prepares and/or approve contracts, ordinances and resolutions; and attends meetings of the City Council and other City Boards and Commissions. Under the general direction of the City Council, the City Attorney oversees matters related to the City of Vernon power generating and transmission facilities, public financing, personnel and labor relations, land use, and other specialized issues.