City of Vernon California

What is a Zoning Letter?

A Zoning Letter informs a potential buyer on what can and cannot be done with a particular property based on the current zoning and property past history. Depending on the information required, a Zoning Letter can provide information on legal land uses, zoning, zoning district performance standards, development history, and compliance. The cost of a zoning letter for the City of Vernon is $276; turnaround time is dependent upon staff work load but is generally between one to two weeks. City staff will research all information as accurately as possible based on or relating to the information on file with the City but the City assumes no liability for errors or omissions. All information is obtained from public records which may be inspected in-person during regular business hours.

Submission Requirements for a Zoning Letter

  1. All requests for Zoning Letters shall be on company letterhead and signed by the requestor.
  2. The Zoning Letter request shall state exactly the information you need to obtain, such as the zoning district of the property, the permitted uses for the district, the development standards for the property (i.e. density and height limitations) or any information of a zoning nature.
  3. The Zoning Letter request shall state the legal address of the property you are inquiring about.
  4. The Zoning Letter request shall indicate who the zoning letter should be addressed to and the mailing address.
  5. The Zoning Letter request shall indicate the name and phone number of the contact person initiating the request.
  6. All zoning letters will be mailed unless the request states that you wish to pick up the letter in person at the offices of the Department of Public Works, Water and Development Services.
  7. The Zoning Letter request shall include a check payable to the City of Vernon in the amount of $276.
  8. The Zoning Letter request shall be addressed to:


Daniel Wall
City of Vernon
Planning Division
4305 Santa Fe Avenue
Vernon, CA 90058