City of Vernon California

Statement of Values

As members of the Vernon Police Department;  we recognize our contribution to the quality of life and a safe environment for our community through the provision of effective and efficient professional law enforcement services. We subscribe to a set of governing values, which clearly state the department's beliefs as an agency.

•  Integrity; "We share a commitment to ethical conduct by all members of the Department. "We value truthfulness and honesty, and consider them vital to our organization. We are committed to ethical conduct by all members of our Department, and to the highest standards of moral character in serving our community. We are committed to justice and fairness, and will abide by the law enforcement code of ethics, doing what is right in all matters personal and professional.

•  Quality Service; "Service to the Community is paramount." We value the opportunity to provide service which is courteous, responsive, firm, efficient and fair. We regard the members of our community as partners and indispensable resources in a combined policing effort. Respect for the individual worth, dignity and rights of all those we serve will be paramount as we strive to carry out our mission of enhancing public safety, reducing crime and reducing the fear of crime.

•  Professionalism; "We are committed to community betterment by creating an environment of teamwork, innovation and continuing professional development." We pursue excellence with honor and vitality. Our professionalism dictates critical self-appraisal and objective analysis, with a commitment to community betterment. We encourage professionalism by creating an environment that promotes teamwork, innovation and continuing professional development through quality recruitment, education and training.

•  Teamwork; "Our greatest asset is our people."  We value our fellow employees as the most important organizational asset. We realize that success depends on mutual respect, cooperation and recognition of all members of the Department. All employees will receive equitable and fair treatment and be provided the proper tools and training necessary to meet organizational goals and objectives.

•  Innovation; "We are open to new ideas, methodologies and technologies in our efforts to prevent crime and solve community problems." In support of our commitment to the community,
we are dedicated to providing our employees with the finest safety equipment,  the latest technology and associated support. We understand that creativity and a willingness to look outside the Department for solutions to problems is critical to our success. We will work closely with the community and other agencies to identify ideas, programs, resources and ways to deliver services that will enhance the safety of the community.