City of Vernon California

Job Descriptions & Job Interest Cards

Master Salary Schedule

Administrative & Clerical Series Group

Administrative Assistant Senior Administrative Assistant
Administrative Secretary Administrative Analyst

City Administration

City Administrator Deputy City Administrator
Executive Assistant to the City Administrator Industrial Development Director
Public Housing Property Coordinator Public Information Officer PIO
Economic Development Manager

City Attorney

City Attorney Deputy City Attorney
Senior Deputy City Attorney Executive Legal Secretary
Legal Administrative Analyst

City Clerk

City Clerk Deputy City Clerk
Records Management Assistant


Account Clerk Senior Account Clerk
Accountant Senior Accountant
Assistant Finance Director Business License Clerk
Buyer Assistant Buyer
Deputy City Treasurer Director of Finance - City Treasurer
Payroll Specialist
Risk Management Assistant Risk Manager


Assistant Fire Chief Assistant Fire Marshal
Fire Battalion Chief Fire Captain
Fire Chief Fire Code Inspector
Fire Code Inspector, Senior Fire Engineer
Fire Marshal Firefighter
Firefighter-Paramedic Coordinator Firefighter-Paramedic
Fire Administrative Analyst

Health & Environmental Control

Deputy Director of Health &Environmental Control Director of Health and Environmental Control
Environmental Specialist Senior Environmental Specialist
Environmental Health Intern Permit Technician
Environmental Specialist Temporary

Human Resources

Director of Human Resources Human Resources Analyst
Human Resources Assistant Senior Human Resources Analyst

Information Technology Group

Information Technology Analyst Senior Information Technology Analyst
Information Technology Manager Information Technology Technician
Programmer - Analyst


Civilian Court Officer Police Cadet
Police Captain Police Chief
Police Community Service Officer Police Dispatcher Lead
Police Dispatcher Police Lieutenant
Police Officer - Police Officer Trainee Police Records Manager
Police Records Technician Lead Police Records Technician
Police Sergeant Reserve Police Officer

Public Utilities

Assistant Resource Scheduler Associate Electrical Engineer
Associate Resource Scheduler Assistant Civil Engineer
Business and Account Supervisor Computer Aided Drafting Technician
Assistant General Manager of Public Utilities General Manager of Public Utilities
Electric Operations Supervisor Electric Operator Trainee
Electric Operator Integrated Resources Manager
Electric Service Planner Electrical Engineer
Electrical Test Technician Electrical Test Technician Senior
Gas Systems Specialist Gas Systems Superintendent
Gas Systems Technician Metering Technician
Metering Technician Senior Meter Reader
Meter Reader Lead Power Plant Operator
Water Administrator Water Foreman
Water Project Coordinator Water Superintendent
Water Project Specialist Resource Planner
Resource Scheduler Principal Resource Planner
Supervising Electrical Engineer Principal Electrical Engineer
Telecommunications Specialist Telecommunications Systems Engineer
Utilities Compliance Analyst Utilities Compliance Administrator
Utilities Customer Service Representative Utilities Customer Service Supervisor
Utilities Dispatcher Senior Utilities Dispatcher
Utilities Engineering Manager Utilities Operations Manager
Utilities Project Coordinator Water Maintenance Worker Senior
Water Maintenance Worker Key Accounts Specialist

Public Works

Assistant Engineer Assistant Planner
Associate Engineer Building Inspector
Building Inspector Senior Building & Planning Manager
Civil Engineer
Deputy Director of Public Works Development and Water Director of Public Works
Electrical Inspector Electrical Inspector Senior
Engineering Aide Facilities Maintenance Worker Lead
Facilities Maintenance Supervisor Facilities Maintenance Worker Senior
Facilities Maintenance Worker Fleet Supervisor
Mechanic Lead Mechanic Senior
Mechanic Permit Technician
Plumbing and Mechanical Inspector Plumbing and Mechanical Inspector Senior
Principal Civil Engineer Project Engineer
Public Works Superintendent Public Works Project Coordinator
Stormwater and Special Projects Analyst Street Maintenance Worker, Lead
Street Maintenance Supervisor Street Maintenance Worker Senior
Street Maintenance Worker Warehouse Worker Lead
Warehouse Worker Warehouse Worker Senior