City of Vernon California

Animal Control

SEAACA 4th of July and Summer Pet Safety 2020

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Animal Control:

How do I get a dead animal removed?

During regular business hours Monday –Thursday call the City of Vernon Public Works Department at (323) 583-8811 Ext. 390 and be ready to provide the location of the animal and major cross streets.  After regular business hours and weekends call: (323) 583-8811 Ext 396 or 575.

How do I adopt a pet (dogs, cats or rabbits)?

Please visit the Southeast Area Animal Control Agency (SEAACA) website to see pictures and descriptions of all animals available for adoption.

How do I report a stray dog / cat?

Under emergency/priority situations, the police and/or Health Department may respond to incidents involving stray dogs or cats.  The local animal control center is not available to respond to stray (unconfined) animal service requests.  Options for individuals reporting such requests include:

1. If possible, and it can safely be done, secure or confine the animal and notify the Vernon Health Department so arrangements can be made for pick up by with the local animal control center.

2. Obtain a live trap from the Vernon Health Department or local animal control center. The Health Department provides loans dog and/or cat live-traps for free (refundable deposit required). Contact the Health Department at (323) 583-8811 Ext. 231 for details.

Where is the animal shelter?

The SEAACA shelter serving the City of Vernon is located in Downey.

9777 Seaaca Street

Downey, CA

Phone: (562) 803-3301

Where can I get a microchip for my dog?

Both SEAACA and the Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control Department provide implanting of microchips. The County's Downey shelter implants microchips for free, call them at 562-940-6898 for details. There is a one-time fee to have the dog registered nationally. Please call Downey Animal Shelter for details. In addition, most private veterinarian offices will implant the chip for a fee.

Will the Vernon Health Department pick up a live animal?

The following are the established guidelines for requesting animal control services during different time periods. Citizens who contact the City requesting animal control services should be advised that:

  •  Animals must be confined, i.e. fenced in, in a live-trap, tied, leashed, etc.
    (In emergency/priority situations where an animal is reported injured, or is loose and endangering the safety of humans (aggressive, biting, or nipping), or there is loose livestock, SEAACA will dispatch animal control officers as soon as possible.)

  • SEAACA response time may be 1-3 hours unless it is an emergency or a priority situation. Response time is dependent on location of responding officer (SEAACA provides services to other jurisdictions).

 I. Monday - Thursday, 7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. (Normal City Hall business hours). Call the Health Department (323) 583-8811 (Extension 231). Please have the following information ready:

a) Location (address & cross street)

b) Company Name

c) Company Telephone Number

d) Contact Person at location

e) Closing time of business

f) Type of animal, number of animals, size of animal(s)

II. Nights, Friday through Sunday, and holidays (During City Hall after business hours).

Requests for pickup of confined animals during after business hours are handled by the Vernon Police Department on their business line (323) 587-5171 or through Police Dispatch (911).  Animal location information listed above is also needed for the dispatcher.