City of Vernon California

Training Division

The Verfire training 2non Fire Department Training Division provides manipulative training and classroom education for all department personnel. Training is conducted  by developing, assigning, delivering, and evaluating all aspects of  manipulative skills and classroom education. Fire Department training is continous and never-ending. Fire personnel are required to train every day on a variety of differing subject matter of which they are required to perform during emergency service calls.

Monthly Training
The Training Division issues a monthly training schedule to all companies. The training schedule allows the training officer to ensure that state and federal training  mandates are being accomplished. It also assigns subject areas that  have been identified by the department as training priorities. Examples of these training priorities include:

  • Emergency Medical Skillsfire hose training
  • Fire Prevention Procedures 
  • Fire Suppression Applications
  • Firefighter Survival Abilities
  • Hazardous Materials Mitigation       
  • Incident Command System Use
  • Multi-casualty Incident Exercises
  • Multi-company Training Drills
  • Safety & Workplace Competences
  • Urban Search & Rescue Proficiencies
  • Wellness and Physical Fitness Practices

Fire Department personnel receive on average, 625  hours of formal training per person, per year. This training regiment is repeated annually so as to maintain the needed skills for the required tasks.

Recruit Training
All newly hired Vernon firefighters are required to have already passed state certified fire academy with approximately 560 hours of intensive training.  Newly hired firefighters must complete a rigorous training program, including an internal fire recruit training class, and are on probation for 12 months.  The program is broken into 6-month blocks and covers all aspects of  firefighting and emergency response. The training officer, in conjunction with the recruit's company officer, administers the program. The successful training of our recruits is one of our highest priorities.