City of Vernon California

Finance / Treasury

Mission Statement:

To develop fiscal policies that ensure a financially strong and effective city government. To implement financial policies and procedures that are consistently monitored and reviewed to maintain the financial integrity of the City and its related agencies. To be responsible for the overall financial management of the City, and ensures that generally accepted accounting standards are followed and appropriate internal controls are in place to safeguard City assets.



1.  Provide timely and relevant information to City leaders and executives to enhance decision-making and promote the long-term financial well being of the City.  Obtain or produce relevant operating, revenue-performance and economic forecasts to support the decision process.

2.  Administer record-keeping methodologies and reporting systems that will ensure compliance with GAAP, federal and state mandates, disclosure rules and contractual and legal requirements.



Primary Responsibilities: The Department of Finance is responsible for the overall financial management of the City. The department oversees the treasury function, as well as:


  1. 1. Annual City Budgets
  2. 2. Cash and Investment Management
  3. 3. Annual Audited Financial Statements
  4. 4. Purchasing
  5. 5. Risk Management
  6. 6. Licenses & Permits
  7. 7. Capital Asset Management
  8. 8. Accounts Payable
  9. 9. Accounts Receivable / Collection
  10. 10. General Ledger
  11. 11. Grant Accoutning


Finance Policies and Procedures

Policies pretaining to: Budget,  Purchasing, and Accounts Payable.




Director of Finance

Phone:  (323) 583-8811 Ext. 849