City of Vernon California

Independent Reform Monitor’s Report concludes ‘Vernon can now look to its future’

Press Release - (PDF: 208KB)

Vernon, CA – John Van de Kamp, Independent Reform Monitor of Vernon’s governance policies and practices, today issued his July 31, 2013 progress report on the city’s reforms.

In his 38-page report, Mr. Van de Kamp indicated that the City of Vernon is making steady progress. “In the past six months, Vernon has tied up a lot of loose ends. It has addressed its most significant financial problems, with staff reductions, and tax increases. It has produced a balanced budget,” Mr. Van de Kamp wrote.

“Vernon can now look to its future; it is time for long term planning. Vernon’s administrators need to ask what should Vernon look like in five years and how does it get there,” he wrote.

Mr. Van de Kamp has examined and evaluated Vernon’s municipal policies relating to local government ethics, conflicts of interest, open government and transparency since February 2011, while serving, initially, as Vernon’s Independent Ethics Advisor.

Mr. Van de Kamp cited that while Vernon land values continue to rise in 2013 and vacancy rates for businesses remain low (4.2%), the city’s infrastructure could benefit from closer attention. “Needed will be long term planning for such things as better street maintenance, improved mobility, set backs where achievable, aesthetic and landscape improvements (e.g. greening Vernon), watershed and storm water management, better graffiti and litter control, as well as meeting the needs of the fire and police departments and other departments involved in meeting Vernon’s needs and priorities,” he wrote.

Vernon City Administrator Mark Whitworth said, “We are, once again, pleased to receive Mr. Van de Kamp’s July 2013 report card on our city’s reforms. The City of Vernon has come a long way in two years. We remain on the path to becoming a model city in Southeast L.A. County. We are proud of the progress we’ve made.”

To review John Van de Kamp’s July 2013 progress report on Vernon governance, go to: