City of Vernon California

Vernon Health mobile clinic vaccinates 541 workers at Farmer John food plant

Press Release

March 15, 2021

Vernon, CA – Vernon Health and Environmental Control Department staff, in partnership
with Stacy Medical Center staff, has utilized its newly acquired mobile health clinic to
inject COVID-19 vaccine doses into the arms of 541 employees at Smithfield Food, Inc.'s
Vernon-based Farmer John food processing facility. Farmer John employs 1,800 workers
in Vernon.

The Farmer John on-site worker vaccinations are part of Vernon's recently launched drive
to vaccinate 11,000 workers employed at businesses within the city.

Vernon's COVID-19 vaccination drive is initially focused on inoculating essential workers
performing jobs in high-density work environments, such as large-scale food processing
plants, cold storage facilities and food warehousing operations. Vernon has more than
1,800 businesses within the city. Vaccination efforts will expand to include Vernon
residents in accordance with state eligibility guidelines.

Vernon City Administrator Carlos R. Fandino, Jr. said, "We were pleased to join L.A.
County Supervisor Hilda Solis at Farmer John for our mobile worker vaccination program.
Chair of the Board Solis and state Senator Lena A. Gonzalez helped our city make this
critical COVID-19 vaccination effort possible. We know Farmer John's workers, who've
received their first COVID-19 vaccine dose, are grateful we could come to them to
administer their shots. We'll be returning in a few weeks to provide them with their second
dose, as well."

"We have thousands of Vernon-based workers to reach with our mobile clinic in the
coming weeks. Our mobile health capability is an innovative, effective way to reach
people that are in need of the vaccines and who otherwise would not have access to
vaccinations in a timely manner," Mr. Fandino said. The city's public health outreach
program is aligned with a long-standing commitment to its business community to provide
unparalleled service and offers a convenient option for essential workers to receive
vaccinations quickly and safely.

Vernon Health equipped its mobile clinic van with ultra-low temperature freezer capability
needed to properly store COVID-19 vaccine doses and other medical provisions. Once
the threat of the coronavirus community spread recedes, Vernon's mobile clinic will be
used to meet the ongoing health outreach needs of the City's workforce and residents
beyond the pandemic.

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