City of Vernon California

Vernon Health and Environmental Control staff redouble efforts to urge businesses and city’s private sector workforce to take necessary steps to adhere to COVID-19 public health guidelines

September 11, 2020

Vernon, CA – The leadership and staff of the City of Vernon's Department of Health and Environmental Control continue to strongly encourage Vernon-based businesses to take the necessary steps to mitigate the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Vernon Health director Fredrick Agyin, MA, REHS, said, "Our department has been working proactively with business owners to ensure workplace compliance with the L.A. County Public Health Officer's orders and guidance regarding COVID-19. Our department routinely carries out health inspections to ensure that all requirements are being met. Additionally, we mount investigations in response to complaints that fall within our department's health and environmental control oversight."

Among the worksite compliance steps receiving heightened scrutiny, include:

  • Posting of the required COVID-19 signs and protocols
  • Workplace policies and practices to protect employee health
  • Measures to prevent crowds from gathering
  • Measures to ensure physical distancing
  • Measures to prevent unnecessary contact
  • Measures to increase sanitization
  • Measures for infection control
  • Measures that communicate to the public
  • Measures that ensure equitable access to critical services

"COVID-19 has heightened everyone's awareness of need for effective public health measures at workplaces and at homes. We provide public education, so business owners are well aware of their responsibilities at their places of business. We take enforcement steps when such steps are needed. We want workers in Vernon to be safe at work and we want Vernon workers to maintain COVID-19 public health guidelines when they're at home and moving about their communities," Agyin said.