City of Vernon California

New tree box filters will reduce stormwater pollution

Press Release

New construction projects will begin under Proposition 84 Grant

Vernon, Calif. (May 4, 2017) - The City of Vernon will participate in a regional effort to reduce stormwater pollution in Los Angeles County waterways. Under Proposition 84, forty-three (43) Low Impact Development (LID) treatment systems will be installed throughout eleven (11) cities in the Los Angeles River, San Gabriel River, and Los Cerritos Channel watersheds.

The City will install two (2) tree box filter systems along Vernon Avenue near Soto Street and Seville Avenue. These transportation corridors are known to have high concentrations of metals. The tree box filters are mini bio-retention areas that capture and treat pollutants through plant and soil media, and then discharge clean water to the storm drain. The tree box filters aim to improve the quality and health of street trees by providing larger areas for roots to stabilize the tree and more availability of water and nutrients. Additionally, the filters can delay the peak flow and improve the overall quality of water entering the Los Angeles River.

Construction of these systems is scheduled to be complete in June 2017.