City of Vernon California

John Van de Kamp submits final report as Vernon Independent Reform Monitor, says ‘Vernon’s good governance is still strong.’

Press Release (PDF: 103KB)

Vernon, CA – Vernon Independent Reform Monitor John Van de Kamp has issued his 10th and final biannual report on the city's good governance policies and practices that commenced in February 2011 when he assumed an initial one-year role as the city's independent ethics advisor

In Mr. Van de Kamp's 41-page January 2016 report, he concluded, "Former [California Assembly] Speaker [John] Perez believed Vernon, because of its small electorate, is unable to govern itself properly. The city must continue to prove him wrong and live up to the expectations of [California Senate President Pro Tem] Kevin De León and others who gave Vernon a 'second chance.' Hiring a new city administrator [who is] committed to ethical and good governance practices is key to meeting the expectations of the 'second chance' Vernon was granted."

In the preface to his report, Mr. Van de Kamp wrote, "The city has shown consistent support for the essential reform measures recommended by Senator De León and me. In sum it can be said that Vernon's good governance is still strong. With the forthcoming change of leadership and replacement of key executives, extra effort needs to be exercised to make sure the progress made in the past four years continues."

In addition to chronicling Vernon's good governance reform progress since 2012, Mr. Van de Kamp has provided his independent critique on matters related to Vernon's finance and budget, internal and external audits, housing, city elections, and business activity.

Interim City Administrator A.J. Wilson said, "John Van de Kamp played an indispensable role as Vernon's independent reform monitor. When he began his work, Vernon was on the brink of dissolution due to the Legislature's menacing disincorporation measure. Mr. Van de Kamp's involvement with the city showed that Vernon was serious about carrying out reforms. In the past five-years, more than 150 good governance reforms have been implemented in response to Mr. Van de Kamp's recommendations. We owe Mr. Van de Kamp our sincerest gratitude and appreciation for his stellar work and thorough commitment as Vernon's independent reform monitor."

To view the full text of Mr. Van de Kamp's January 2016 Independent Reform Monitor report, click here.