City of Vernon California

Melissa Ybarra sworn in as Vernon City Councilmember, succeeds her late father, grandfather and great uncle as an elected official in Vernon

March 3, 2015

Press Release (PDF: 147KB)

Vernon, CA – Melissa Ybarra took her oath of office today as an elected member of the Vernon City Council, becoming the fourth member of the immediate and extended Ybarra family to serve in elected office in the City of Vernon since the 1930s.

Following her oath of office, Councilmember Ybarra said, in a brief address to the public attending today's city council meeting, "I am honored to be able to be a part of this council and I look forward to working with the city and the business community to keep Vernon growing strong and transparent. I plan on making a difference in the community that I have grown up in."

"For the businesses, advocating good governance when executing the approved budgets, studying the facts and being active in understanding the impacts to the businesses when decisions are made by the council are among my top priorities. I plan on embracing some of the characteristics that my father, Michael Ybarra, had. I plan on serving this seat with honesty and integrity. I plan on questioning all that I do not understand," Councilmember Ybarra said.

Councilmember Ybarra is the daughter of the Honorable Michael A. Ybarra, a former Vernon City Councilmember who died in office in September 2014. She ran unopposed in the city's February 17 special election, receiving 25-votes out of 25-ballots cast by Vernon's 63 registered voters. Councilmember Ybarra serves the remainder of her late father's unexpired term. She will face re-election in April 2017.

Councilmember Ybarra is the granddaughter of Vernon Mayor Pro Tempore Thomas A. Ybarra who served on the city council for 43-years and great niece of former Vernon Councilmember Esteban Peralta who served on the council for 15-years in the 1930s.

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