City of Vernon California

Van de Kamp’s January 2015 Independent Reform Monitor Report concludes, ‘Vernon in the past six months continues on its reform path’

February 5, 2015

Press Release (PDF:  144KB)

Vernon, CA – John Van de Kamp, Independent Reform Monitor of Vernon's good governance policies and ethics practices, has issued his eighth in a series of in-depth, biannual progress reports [dating back to his role as the city's independent ethics advisor in February 2011].

In his 32-page report, issued on January 31, 2015, Mr. Van de Kamp concluded, "Vernon in the past six months continues on its reform path. While the city still has much to do, the issues it faces – budget balancing, dealing with its unfunded pension liability, [bond] refinancing, establishing new zoning rules and infrastructure investment – are issues facing most cities. Most important, they are on Vernon's agenda. Many of them will be addressed within 2015."

In the preface to his report, Mr. Van de Kamp writes, "This report, which essentially covers the period July 31, 2014 to January 31, 2015, was prepared with the assistance of Robert Stern, former president of the Center for Government Studies and former general counsel to the Fair Political Practices Commission... In those six months we have seen continuing progress."

To view the full text of Mr. Van de Kamp's January 31, 2015 Independent Reform Monitor progress report on Vernon's governance and reforms, go to: